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Building Inspection

Criterium-Pioli Engineers' Commercial Building Inspections offer a thorough review of the building’s structure and its components to aid in your purchase decision. This report is intended to provide good value at a reduced fee. With this inspection, our scope of work is similar to the “Property Condition Assessment (PCA)” but does not include our opinion of probable capital expenditures (reserves) or investigation of compliance with the local authorities. It does include a complete visual inspection of the accessible portions of the site and building by our experienced engineers. The narrative style report includes a description of the components, a discussion of their condition, and identification of deficiencies and deferred maintenance issues. Of course, our services can be customized in accordance with our client’s needs.

Criterium-Pioli Engineers has extensive experience with commercial buildings of all types. We have completed commercial building inspections all over western Washington and Oregon for all types of real estate properties including: office buildings, apartment buildings, retail strip centers, regional shopping malls, convenience stores, distribution centers, storage facilities, etc.